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How to Find Cheap Used Cars

With the current state of the economy, and the price drops in gas, it is not a wonder that you can find a cheap car for sale these days. There are many big motor vehicle companies such as GM are losing profits and are forced to produce a quality car at a low price. Car prices have dropped significantly since the recession and now it is time to cash in. There are many hidden spots that many people do not think about when purchasing a car. You may think that saving 15-20% on a car is considered a great deal; however there are cheap used cars at high quality can be found in places that many people do not think to even look when beginning their search.

A place that almost nobody thinks about for cheap used cars is a government seized vehicle auction. Every month across the country there are 1000s of cars seized by the government.  The government would like to get rid of these cars for cheap and sold quickly! With the economy in the recession, in these auctions the car prices have gone down significantly and you can definitely find a cheap high end car for almost 50% off the original price. Bids can start at 100 dollars and work its way up.

Although we are in a recession, now is the time to purchase a car just because the prices will never be as low as they are now. For cheap auctioned government cars you may visit <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=””>Cheap Used Government Auctioned Cars </a>

How a Cheap Used Car Can Get You Value for Your Money

The term “used car” does not imply that the car is old and has been used for so many years by the previous owner. It simply means that that the car is second hand so you can also get a used car that is fairly new at an affordable rate.

The insurance costs are much lower as compared to the insurance costs that are associated to brand new car. Take note that this is a comparison between two models, the only difference being that one is new and the other is a used car. This will also include fairly new cars as well. Value depreciation in the first year of a brand new car is in most cases very high.

The sales tax and property tax is also lower on used cars as compared to new cars. These are some of the factors that contribute to a cheap used car. If all these costs are relatively low, the total cost price of your vehicle is lowered subsequently. So is necessary cheap because the car is worn out, but because of the factors highlighted above.

Not all cheap used cars come without warranty and inspection. You can still get one at a cheap price, although it will cost more than one without. It still beats the price of a new car. Of course, the smell of a new seats and the excitement of removing plastic is not there is used cars, but that’s really all the extra you will be paying for.

Buy a Fuel Efficient Car

With the ever high rising fuel prices, a carâ??s consumption is one of the most looked at specifications. No matter if you are looking for a new car or a second hand one, a car which is fuel efficient is desirable. Choosing a car that is more fuel efficient will save you a lot of money during its lifespan. The fuel consumption will vary greatly from one car to another, from one class to the other. When you buy a car you will receive the EPA ratings for both the city and the highway miles per gallon. However these numbers are achieved in special conditions and you may never obtain them.

There are a lot of things you have to be aware of when you want to buy a fuel efficient car. You can start asking the people around you what mileage they obtain from their cars. You can also consult with web sites and specialized forums to see what performances other people are getting from their car.

Before buying a car, think well about your necessities. Buying a bigger car will most surely involve higher gas consumptions, because bigger cars are heavier and thus have more powerful engines. After you have selected the group of vehicles you want to chose your car from (small ones, SUVs, compact or mid-seize cars), find the one that is the most fuel efficient. There are online sites which will help you compare numbers of different types of cars.

Another element which can determine your carâ??s fuel efficiency is the type of transmission that is equipped with. The general rule states that a car with a manual transmission is more fuel efficient than an automated one. The best option for a fuel efficient car is one with a manual transmission, overdrive and shift indicator or tachometer. If you go for the automatic one, be sure that it will have the largest amount of gears.

Another relevant aspect when it comes to fuel efficiency is the size of the car and the engineâ??s capacity. Usually smaller engines will be friendlier with your fuel bill. The bigger the engine will be, the more the number of cylinders is, the greater the fuel consumption. Smaller engine cars will also be cheaper than one equipped with a large engine. But there are certain scenarios in which a car with a bigger engine will prove itself more economical than one having a smaller one. When you need you car to do a lot of heavy work or tow heavy loads, you will be better off with a bigger engine, as a smaller one will be more stressed to cope with the heavier load.

In modern cars there are not big differences the fuel consumption rates between a car with front wheel drive and one with rear wheel drive.

The options you equip your car with can also be elements contributing to the amount of fuel consumed by your car. Things such as seat heaters, power windows and air conditioning consume a certain amount of fuel. Indeed, it is not great, but will lower your carâ??s fuel efficiency.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars – Great Advantages Of Using Them

The world is looking towards hydrogen fuel as an alternative source to power vehicles. Fuel cell technology has progressed a long way ahead and it views hydrogen as the best of the alternative fuels available for this purpose. Energy is generated by extracting the gas from the water and the process produces operate on hydrogen fuel cells.

General Motors has already manufactured the Chevy Equinox which operates on hydrogen fuel. It is a car which performs like any other vehicle but is different because it operates on hydrogen fuel cells. It is an amazing vehicle, great to look at and among the first to advocate the idea of using alternative fuel in American cars.

The Chevy Equinox is a SUV-type vehicle which can carry a maximum of four passengers and can achieve speeds of a hundred miles per hour. This car has been subjected to crash-testing and will confirm to all U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards applicable for 2007. This SUV has all the modern utilities like driver and front passenger head side air bags, anti-lock disc brakes including Traction Control, Stabilitrak Electronic Stability Control System, and OnStar. From the outside, the design is typically Chevrolet and they have used premium Tricoat paint, giving it a sleek look. The Equinox is an environmentally-friendly and customer friendly car.

Other car manufacturers are beginning to realize the popularity of hydrogen fuel cell cars and are making all efforts to use the the technology. It serves a dual purpose: it benefits the environment and also uses alternative fuel technology to reduce the burden of the country on oil imports, promoting overall economic growth.

Hydrogen fuel cell driven vehicles will reduce America’s dependence on oil imports from the Arab countries which at present dictate terms in the oil pricing, making the gasoline prices rise to unprecedented levels. Hydrogen fuel cell cars will be the future of the world and most car companies, realizing the benefits, are embracing this technology. We should opt for such ‘green vehicles’ rather than the toxic fuel emission spewing cars, as they will prove to be beneficial to the U.S. and also the world.

Looking ahead and keeping this trend in mind, President George W. Bush has used billions of dollars towards funding research towards making use of hydrogen fuel cells to power vehicles. The technology is new as of now and there can be further research to improve the technology to optimize benefits, so the sky is the limit!

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