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Led Interior Lighting Will Go Into The Reality Of The Ideal Photo

White LED birth to the present, rapid technological development, performance double upgrade costs have been declining. Recent years, many parts have already started to apply to the case of the field of functional lighting. China’s semiconductor lighting application markets gradually take the forefront in the world, with state and local government policies encourage, in many places in the outdoor lighting such as: lights, landscape lighting; indoor lighting such as: subway, underground garage, museum; special occasions lighting : such as low temperature lighting, miner lighting, car lights and so widely used, but due to product variety, technical Are big, big difference between technical standards, evaluation methods are inconsistent and many other issues, although there are some good examples of application, but there are failures lessons, LED interior lighting prospects attracted voices of doubt one. Some traditional lighting LED lighting business investment in transition, in spite of the many applications are not very mature, but the whole field of LED lighting in the room in the technology and applications is still in the exploratory stage. Interior lighting is undoubtedly a huge market, the market is very promising. I believe that 2010 will occupy a larger home lighting market.

To the many advantages of LED interior lighting

The brightness and adjustable LED shining colors and can be the perfect atmosphere to meet the interior color, lighting scenarios on the development of the market, with traditional light sources can not match advantage.

LED dynamic control is easy, you can design according to the needs of the user control clusters, and in some occasions require programmability, LED products to provide a range of intelligent solutions for the indoor lighting that provides a convenient, intelligent management, you can also dilution caused by the use LED high initial investment cost disadvantage.

LED compact lamp designed by the organic integration with the building, so to see the effect of light not seen light.

LED’s long life, no mercury, energy efficient and environmentally superior characteristics in line with national “energy conservation” policy needs.

The efficiency of the indicators from the light, LED lamp has reached twice the energy-saving lamps, far more than incandescent and halogen lamps.

LED intelligent application of the ultimate goal

LED applications in the future, combined with the computer, make full use of dimming feature, full-color temperature adjustment, construction, intelligent lighting, general lighting and scene lighting to make the organic integration. Smart lighting technology can make more power LED lighting, energy saving, the time needed to where it is needed the most comfortable and efficient lighting to enhance the lighting quality of the environment. Intelligent LED lighting, more is to further the green light and an important direction of sustainable development. The combination of intelligent and lighting technology for the LED used to construct a full technology platform, will be energy saving, low consumption, long life, running in energy saving, green and people-oriented and so the full interpretation of the concept of sustainable lighting.

LED lighting non-perfect

LED to indoor lighting, the rise of new light source will lead multi-disciplinary, multi-field and common development. But LED lighting is not yet perfect, the technology also needs further development. LED lighting products, such as output power and luminous flux, the second optical design, thermal design, high cost and other questions need to be gradually improving. Coefficient of the current color of the solar spectrum are the ideal gap between the need to increase the luminous efficiency; common yellow phosphor excited by blue LED color temperature synthesis of white people feel colder; epitaxial quality of the material affect the internal quantum efficiency and luminous efficiency , Accessories LED life quality constraints.


From the perspective of the development of technology at home and abroad, LED interior lighting in every household is an inevitable process. Reasonable and effective governmental organizations, together with relevant scientific research capacity and our business base, we are fully confident to achieve this goal. Home Lighting LED lighting tools, if widely adopted, this market will be huge. The next three to five years is an important period of development, semiconductor lighting in general lighting will be like sprung up. With the upstream chip R & D of new technologies mature and suppliers MOCVD epitaxial furnace capacity continues to expand, will greatly reduce the LED unit production costs, thereby wiping out into the general LED lighting greatest cost barriers.

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Take 50 Plus Discounts To The Bank!

Can you really find good discounts for people over age 50?

Can people over 50, over 55, or over 65 really take advantage on good discounts for products and services? The baby boomer group has always been a large part of the population. Now that boomers are entering midlife and retirement years, some companies want to solicit their business. Some do this by soliciting business with discounts and special offers.

But some of these companies do not openly advertise price breaks for people over 50, over 55, or over 65. They may not want to be viewed as catering to one specific age group. However, you can still get discounts if you know how to ask for them.

Not everybody over 50 will get a price break. Remember that this group could consist of people who are 55 or 85 years old! That is quite a big span. While many insurers find that middle aged people make fewer accident claims, the risk does increase for older seniors. The easiest way to find price breaks on your coverage would be to shop around. Many web based auto insurance quote forms make this a simple task.

What about retail discounts for people over fifty?

Many local and national brands offer price breaks for older customers. You just have to walk in and ask for some of these. Some other stores will only offer discount on certain days of the week. You may have heard of a senior Tuesday or Boomer Thursday where special deas or discounts are given. You may have to sign up for a free membership card for some offers, while other companies will ask for a driver’s license or just take your word for it. Note that some national chains let individual local stores decide to offer discounts or not. So just because you got a 15% discount on your breakfast at one restaurant does not mean that the same brand of restaurant will offer it in another location. However, you can usually just ask for these discounts.

Do not be afraid to ask either. The wait staff or clerk may not ask you because, if they are not sure, they will not want to offend you by suggesting you look older than you really are. However, if you do ask them, they are usually quite eager to make sure you get your discount.

You can find these price breaks at a large variety of retail stores and services. They range from auto oil changes to hair salons to toy stores. If you already know you need a service or product, why not arrange your shopping around an over 50 discount? For example, if Senior Tuesdays are common at your local mall, then Tuesday would be a good day to get your shopping done.

Saving 10 or 15 percent on some small purchases may not seem like much. When you actually take the time to add up your savings, you could be banking hundreds of dollars over a short time. And some larger purchases may even come with price breaks for older people. You can even find discounts on new vehicle or airline ticket purchases. Saving a few percent from the price of a large purchase can save you a lot of money.

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Scenarios about Rack Pinion Assembly

My father actually had lots of experience with this type of steering system just because it already gained popularity during the late 80s and early 90s at the height of his career. During the mid-80s, General Motors installed rack and pinion on their best selling “A” body car line which included popular vehicles like the Chevy Celebrity and the Pontiac 6000. This is most probably when he became more and more familiar with a measurement tool called the spring scale, which he have used on a deep sea fishing trips but he has never ever tried on car repairs. It is usually connected to the steering wheel and used to calculate the amount of force being required to move the steering wheel.

Customers always complain about their “A” body model GM vehicle having increased stiffness in the steering system. After those, this customer complaint was most often on a vehicle overnight in cold weather conditions. When the customer had started the vehicle, the steering was actually so stiff but only for a minute. As steering rack morning sickness, mechanics and service writers coined the condition. The problem would only happen once a day in the morning, and the vehicle had normal operation throughout the rest of the day already. Due to that, General Motors and their team of scientists determined that the internal seals would shrink and bypass fluid pressure under cold weather conditions or on a worn rack assembly. However, the fix was then to replace the seal kits, flush the power steering system, and install an inline filter as well as replacing any scored parts inside the rack assembly. This was not a fun and enjoyable moment of repair and the steering rack and pinion assembly had to be removed fully from the vehicle.

Get Your Baby’s first Magic Mickey Mouse Hair Cut

Did you know that there is a Barber Shop at the Magic Kingdom? Did you know that Baby’s “First Haircut” is their Specialty? Well, my husband and I just found out about it and were so excited to take our 6 month old son for his first haircut on Saturday.

The Harmony Barber shop is a small quaint old fashioned barber shop located on the corner of Main Street USA beside the Car Barn. With a signature candy stripped pole outside and the old fashioned barber chairs inside, you may feel like you stepped back in time when you walk in.

This little spot was quite busy. When we arrived at Magic Kingdom our son was sleeping and due to eat quite soon so we decided to hang out and wait for him to wake and eat before we attempted his first haircut. So many people told me that it can be quite a  traumatic experience for the little ones and to expect a lot of tears and grappling to hold him down. I was quite apprehensive!

So once he was fed and watered, we headed back to the Barber Shop to begin the “First Haircut” experience.

It was quite busy with an informal wait system of the customers keeping track of who came in before and after them. We were not sure how long the wait time would be but were happy to see each barber take their time and give everyone a magical experience.

Just then the parade started so while my husband kept our place in line, Mommy and Baby went out to check out the parade. What a perfect viewing spot we had! We got an up close and personal view of the whole parade and enjoyed so many character meet and greets as they danced by.


After a few more minutes wait it was our turn. Ms. Ivette, our Barber / Stylist made a huge fuss of our son, she sat him on a booster seat on the chair and I had room to sit in front and hold on to him.  She wrapped the cape around his neck and gave him loads of stickers for entertainment. Then, the moment of truth…. out came the clippers and soon we heard a buzz buzz at the back of our sons neck. Ms Ivette saved the first cut, wrapped it in a tissue and sealed it with a Mickey sticker.



He giggled as it tickled and continued looking at the stickers. So far so good, I started to breathe again. He wanted to check out the noise behind him so we then entertained him with a R2D2 Whirlygig toy that distracted him while she cut. Before we knew, the haircut was finished and we had a very happy, smart looking little man.


Ms. Ivette presented us with a set of Mouse Ears with “First Haircut” stitched on the back. We also got a Certificate of the unforgettable event to take home.


The “First Haircut” experience is $18.00, which includes Mouse Ears embroidered  with “First Haircut” and a Certificate. Reservations can be made up to one day in advance. They also offer Pixie Dust, colored hair gel for those adventurous enough to temporarily change their hair to pink or green as well as Mickey Mouse ears sprayed on the back of your head in different colors.


The Dapper Dans Barber Shop quartet even make surprise appearances from time to time.

There are also services for grown-ups to enjoy. An adult haircut costs $19. Beard and mustache trims are $10. When we visited there was a gentleman who had not been in for a haircut in about 8 months but Barber Michael remember him by name. Another customer told us he brings all his kids for haircuts, Barber Michael is a family tradition in their household.




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Heidi Dempsey Bodalia


New York City Hotels with Long-Term Parking

It is difficult to drive into NYC but it is comparatively more difficult to find a parking place some of the hotels in NYC offer a secure garage for parking that provides the visitors with a peace of mind.

The Hudson Hotel is a voguish hangout situated in NYC This four star hotel contains 824 rooms with 24 floors and is just blocks away from Columbus Circle, Central Park and Time Warner Center  This hotel offers wireless Internet access, meeting facilities, guest rooms with diorama views of the city and Central Park. Valet parking is available, as is self-parking so there is an additional fee with no in out privileges.

The Holiday Inn Midtown is located in Theatre District just a few blocks away from Central Park, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in NYC; Parking is available here with no in out privileges for an extra fee of $25 per day. The hotel offers fitness center, tourist information desk, Internet access and seasonal pool.

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The Alex Hotel is located close to the United Nations building in NYC. This hotel is one of the few hotels, which provide free parking through their free parking package. The hotel has 203 stylish rooms, babysitting services, a business center and fitness center.

It is difficult to drive into NYC but it is comparatively more difficult to find a parking place some of the hotels in NYC offer a secure garage for parking that provides the visitors with a peace of mind.

The Travel Inn in NYC is located just three blocks away from convention center on 42nd street. It includes 160 guest rooms with Wi-Fi access and flat screen televisions, while some have microwaves, terraces and refrigerators. It has a swimming pool, meeting room and a gym on its premises. It remains the only hotel in NYC that offer free parking to all its guests.

The Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel situated in East side region in NYC. The hotel offers rooms with flat screen televisions, Internet access and in room safes. The hotel features banquet halls, 24-hour business center, beauty salon, barbershop, gift shop and a full service restaurant. Guests can inquire about parking which features accommodations alongside your choice of inclusive parking.

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