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Fuel efficiency – Think about it

With the worldwide issues in global warming and consistently increasing price of fuel, governments around the globe has been encouraging fuel efficiency amongst car owners. Fuel efficient cars in transportation contribute a lot to the conservation of fuel and nature also. As of this year, it is being predicted that towards the end of summer, the gas price will escalate up to $4 per gallon. And over the next years, the price could be unbelievably high.

Fuel efficient cars in transportation uses reasonably small fuel in order to function. But a car’s fuel efficiency still hinges on its properties such as the grade of its engine, lightness, rolling resistance and body drag. All these said properties have big roles in defining how fuel-efficient a vehicle is. Also a significant factor in labeling cars as fuel-efficient is the quantity of application which varies from a car to one more.
Aside from owning fuel efficient cars in transportation, varied driving methods have been located by quite a lot of drivers to be also efficient in saving liters of fuel when driving.
With over 100 fuel-efficient vehicles in 2007 (and has definitely been growing number because then), up to this date, Europe, when when equated with the US, still has far more automobile brands that are extremely fuel-efficient. Although the majority of these European fuel efficient cars in transportation are made in the US.

Year 2011 may well be a great year to invest on a fuel-efficient auto. To help you in your search towards the best worth-it automobile with fuel efficiency, here is a listing of our top picks for your perusal:

Fuel Efficient Automobile

#1 – Nissan Leaf Electric
Price: $32,780 (which already includes tax credit)
City and Highway MPG: 99 fuel equivalent
Fuel Price (Annually): $561
Full Charging Time: 8 hours
CO2 Discharge (Annually): 0

Nissan Leaf has been gaining a great deal of very good reviews from the public. Being the initial car running on the road with an all-electric engine, Nissan Leaf does not require to undergo oil adjustments regularly. This auto also boasts of its battery having a long warranty. Another factor to be given attention is its federal tax credit. A good amount of states have tax credits that may depress its cost up to $20,000. Undoubtedly a great-deal car.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle

#2 – Chevrolet Volt
Cost: $40,280 (which already includes tax credit)
City and Highway MPG: 93
Fuel Cost (Annually): $601-$1,302
CO2 Discharge (Annually): 84 tons

Unlike the Nissan Leaf, the engine of Chevrolet Volt is not all-electric. Still, when it really is fully charged, it can travel up to 35 miles without the a call for recharging. Chevrolet Volt has been acknowledged as the best vehicle of the year by different automobile magazines such as Detroit Free of charge Press and Motor Trend.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle

#3 – Honda Insight Hybrid
Cost: $18,200 (which already includes tax credit)
City and Highway MPG: 40 – 43 fuel equivalent
Fuel Price (Annually): $1, 131
CO2 Discharge (Annually): 4.6 tons

A great deal of drivers that have observed and proved Honda Insight’s capacity agree that it still has not gained its deserved recognition among the public. An absolutely worth-it price ($18k), this hybrid car can run at 40 to 43 mpg in both city and highway. Critics have been blaming its low popularity to its dated design.

The amount of drivers who’re embracing these cars is growing, so you might as well join the club.

How To Increase Car Mileage

Fuel efficiency has become a major concern for Indian cars. With the rising inflation and increasing pollution, Indian car manufacturers are experimenting with various technologies to design beneficial and fuel efficient engines for their respective car models.

Researches and studies have come out with various techniques and measures to stretch a liter of fuel and increase car mileage. Every liter of stretched fuel adds to the overall fuel economy of both the old and new cars.

Indian roads are congested with a number of fuel efficient cars but still there are certain measures that further helps to improve gas mileage and improve fuel efficiency.

Acceleration: This plays a vital role in reducing or increasing fuel efficiency. Slow acceleration uses more fuel. It is advisable to drive the car at a desired speed and then considerably change the gear.

Car Weight: Weight of the car also affects the mileage. Extra weight loaded in the car trunk puts extra pressure on the car engine. This eventually results in higher fuel consumption.

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Cruising: Engine speed also impacts the fuel economy of Indian cars. Use top gear from around 60kph, maintaining the car speed between 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm.

Driving Route: Continuously stop and start motoring results in more fuel consumption.

It is good to choose a traffic free route for driving to the desired destination. If in case driving in traffic, maintain a slow and steady speed.

Hill Driving: Don’t try to raise the car speed while driving on a hill. On a hill car engine works harder putting in extra pressure to overcome gravity and increasing the speed can increase pressure and worsen fuel economy.

Tyre Pressure: Car tyres with high pressure help in increasing efficiency by reducing the pressure on the engine. High pressure tyres have lower rolling resistance which helps them to run smoothly on road with less friction.

Wheel Alignment: This activity greatly helps to reduce the rolling resistance of the tyre which eventually helps to increase mileage.

Accessories: Accessories like stereo, rear demisters, air conditioners and DVD players add to the fuel bills. When these are working, car engine requires more pressure to keep the car running. So, use these accessories when required. Don’t just switch on the stereo and stand outside the car waiting for someone. Remove roof rack if not required as this lowers the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Engine Tuning: Incorrect fuel ratio and ineffective spark plugs also affects the mileage. It is good to tune the engine and fix any major issues like faulty oxygen sensor and ineffective ignition system.

Air Filters: Clogged air filters also reduce mileage. Replace such filters and prevent impurities from damaging the car engine. This eventually helps to increase fuel economy.

Engine: Change the engine oil at regular intervals of time. Also ensure that the oil used is recommended by the manufacturers because an incorrect grade of motor oil can hamper the fuel economy of the car.

Maintenance: It is also important to keep the engine and other car parts clean and in well maintained conditions. Sooty and dirty deposits on car engine directly affect the fuel economy. – About the Author: is India’s first car portal that provides 360 exterior and interior car animations. If you Want to Buy a Car just check Used Car for Sale


Fuel Saver for Cars

As fuel prices continue to rise on a daily basis, car owners are always on the look out for ways and means to reduce expenditure on car fuel. Luckily enough, there are several fuel saver for cars in the market that can help a car owner save substantially on car fuel.

Most auto fuel saver for cars in the market are designed to improve a car’s fuel efficiency, allowing a driver to do extra miles on a gallon of fuel.

The following are some of fuel saver devices in the market:

Ignition devices- Ignition devices are installed on a car’s ignition system. Alternatively, they can totally replace some parts of a car’s ignition system. A number of such products have been tested and evaluated by the US EPA and found to be capable of improving a car’s fuel economy.
Liquid injections- Liquid injection products are designed to be added into a car’s fuel/air intake system in order to improve fuel efficiency. The liquid additive is not added directly into the combustion chamber.
Bleed Devices- These are vapor bleed devices that bubble air through a container of water. The bleed device’s main function is to eliminate any freezing process that affects a car’s engine performance.
Fuel devices- A car’s fuel is normally heated by either its engine coolant or the electrical system. Fuel devices do the same job. These are fitted along a car’s fuel line to heat the fuel before it enters the carburetor. There are various types of fuel devices including magnets that are mounted either on the outside or inside the fuel line, metallic devices that are installed in the fuel line and enhancers that are fixed under the carburetor. These devices have the capacity to alter the fuel’s formulation, thereby improving on efficiency. Installing these devices may necessitate the need to modify some parts of a car’s fuel system.
Engine modifications- A car’s engine can be modified physically through mechanical means to make it more reactive and more efficient on fuel.
Drive modifiers- These are installed in a car to cut off power to areas such power is not required at certain times. The power cut is transferred to other areas where it is more needed. This has the effect of improving on a car’s performance on the available fuel.
Fuel additives- These are special formulations that are added into a car’s fuel tank. Their function is to alter the fuel’s chemical structure.
Oil additives- These are mostly lubricants that in most cases are introduced into a car’s crankcase.

While these devices are available in the market, one can still undertake other measures that do not require spending to have a fuel efficient car. This is possible through:

Buying fuel-efficient car. Fuel efficiency varies from one car to another. Buying a fuel-efficient car makes a car owner save on fuel cost.
Car condition- A poorly maintained car will automatically be inefficient on fuel. Keeping a car in a good condition ensures that the car operates smoothly, thereby consuming a reasonable amount of fuel. Where one takes his/her car for repair is very important. If a car has some fault, a whole system should be checked rather than repairing the faulty part only.
Driving habits- Bad driving habits result in a car consuming unnecessary fuel.

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Hydrogen Fuel. A Viable Alternative For Your Car?

The Truth about Hydrogen Fuel Systems

HHO or hybrid hydrogen oxygen is gaining much popularity these days. Perhaps its popularity can be due to the high prices of gas in the world market. A lot of car owners as well as homeowners want to know how hydrogen fuel systems work.

You might also be wondering how cars run with the use of hydrogen fuel. Well, all the questions running in your mind will be answered as you read on.

Some of the most frequent questions being asked by people are:

1. Are the hydrogen fuel systems difficult to assemble?
2. How does the system work?
3. Is the hydrogen fuel system a must nowadays?

These three questions will be answered before you even finish reading this article.

You don’t have to be an expert mechanic in order to assemble a hydrogen fuel system. You can find video and book instructions to help you with the assembly task. The HHO car kits are now widely available in major stores at a reasonable price. You can easily purchase the kits and later, you can assemble the various parts of the HHO generator.

Aside from the HHO kits, those who don’t like do-it-yourself activities can purchase ready-made hydrogen fuel system. But of course, if you opt for this alternative, it can be quite expensive. Try to compute your yearly gasoline expenses. The cost of the ready-made hydrogen fuel system is still not that expensive. With a one-time investment on the system, you can expect a lot of savings in the coming years which you can use in purchasing other more important items.

Some people don’t want to conduct internet researches because they feel that they will be overloaded with pieces of useless information. Even if you’ve gathered the needed information, it is useless if you don’t take time to read. In order to know how the hydrogen fuel systems work, you have to do your homework.

You must read and understand everything so that you will better understand the process. The ‘Electrolyzer’ will produce HHO fuel from the mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen fuel is sent to a carburetor or an intake manifold so that the vehicle will run smoothly; achieve better mileage, calmer engine, faster acceleration, etc.

A lot of people find themselves at a great loss due to the very high price of gas. If you make use of Hydrogen technology, you can enjoy the benefits that come along with it. By using hydrogen fuel systems, you can save a lot of money, save the planet by decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases, and you can also keep your car in peak performance.

If you can enjoy these benefits, is there anything else you can ask for? It’s like hitting two or more birds with one stone, right? You simply have to know your fuel options.

With the rising price of gas and basic commodities, you will need to look for an effective alternative energy source.

What are Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

There are already several alternative sources of energy. One of these alternative sources was originally intended for space programs but now, some studies are already considering it for car use. Hydrogen fuel cells are indeed gaining much attention in today’s times when there is a great need for another energy source.

The hydrogen fuel cells are just like traditional batteries. A chemical reaction produces electricity and electrical charge. However, there is still a difference. You see, with batteries, power is produced if the cell is continuously supplied with hydrogen. To understand how the fuel cells work, read on.

The cell’s size and hydrogen flow determines the electricity produced. When a chemical reaction occurs between air and hydrogen, three things are produced namely – heat, water, and electricity. Fuel cells lower heat output as compared to other sources of energy like the fossil fuels. But still, there are advantages in using hydrogen fuel cells.

One obvious advantage is that fuel cells are clean since the byproducts are heat and water. These byproducts can’t harm the environment. Fuel cells have efficiency rates ranging from 45-53% as compared to gasoline with only 20% efficiency rate.

Whenever electricity is required, you can use fuel cells. The size of fuel cells is scalable. Fuel cells can therefore be created small to power an MP3 player or even large enough to give a town its needed electrical power. Aside from providing electrical power to certain things, it can also supply the needed rotary power by cars.

At present, car manufacturers worldwide are looking at hydrogen fuel cells are an alternative to the combustion engines. There are already pictures of hydrogen powered vehicles online; if you want, you can check them out if you have the time. If ever the hydrogen powered vehicles will become a reality in the near future, the dependency of many countries to petroleum will be reduced and not only that, pollution will be cut down.

Currently, fuel cells are installed in some neighborhoods and industrial buildings to provide electrical power. Within the next 50-100 years, hydrogen fuel cells will completely replace petroleum since they have broad social and commercial applications. Remote settlements can now depend on fuel cells for power. Portable devices can also be provided with renewable power through the fuel cells.

Countries from all over the world are looking for a clean and dependable energy source. With the continued support from the government and commercial establishments, the use of fuel cells will soon be a guaranteed success.

Hydrogen fuel cells are truly great but there’s one consideration. In order to produce fuel cells, energy is needed and at present, fossil fuels serve as the source of energy. Scientists and experts are still conducting studies and researches to find other ways to produce fuel cells safely. At the moment, fossil fuels are being used to produce the hydrogen fuel cells but hopefully, new sources of energy will be discovered to further improve its production.

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How Hydrogen Fuel for Cars Work

You can now find hydrogen fuel for your car or cars and experience the many benefits it can provide. Some hydrogen cars are still being tested to prove its efficiency but time will come when these cars will be fully accepted on the road. It would be very beneficial if there are lots of hydrogen stations all over the world; well, who knows… perhaps that time will come too.

The demand for hydrogen fuel for cars will soon increase as the source of hydrogen fuel becomes stable. With the use of hydrogen powered vehicles, you can enjoy driving for about a month without refilling the tank; that’s discrete mileage, right? At present, fully hydrogen powered cars are not yet available.

However, the existing car engines can now be modified and converted. Once modified, the cars can use hydrogen as fuel. By 2010, some car manufacturers are going to launch fully hydrogen powered cars that can answer today’s energy and environmental problems.

With very few hydrogen fuel for cars at the moment, the price is too high for ordinary individuals to afford. But no one can really tell if the hydrogen fuel cars will soon be reasonably priced. At the moment, you can have your vehicle converted so that you can get the feel of driving a hydrogen fuel vehicle. Rest assured that you can save lots of money because you will be using water instead of gasoline. If you want to gain 35-100% increase in mileage, have you car converted the soonest.

Driving conditions differ and this is one thing to consider when using hydrogen fuel vehicles. The car of tomorrow will have an HHO fuel cell. This fuel cell can even be made at home. There are HHO car kits so that you can easily build the fuel cells since the building instructions are included in the kit. If you want, you can also purchase the needed materials and then look for the building instructions online.

How do hydrogen fuel cars work? The process is not hard to understand. Once the car is converted, you can now use clean water as fuel. The water molecules are separated and then the gases are forced into a combustion chamber. In the chamber, the gases are burned and in turn, energy is produced. Now, the car has power and you can enjoy driving for as long you like. Not only is the hydrogen fuel car cost effective, but it is also environment friendly as well. It can reduce pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases.

So, if you want to save the environment and cut-down your gasoline costs, have your vehicle converted now. Well of course, you need to consider if there are hydrogen stations in your locality. Otherwise, you will depend largely on your water source at home. You must know your options before you convert the car. It will involve a certain amount of money and you have to be prepared for it. And when new and fully hydrogen fuel cars are sold for the public, you can buy the car; that is, if you can afford one.

You have to learn more about hydrogen fuel for cars. If you want, you can take advantage of the various resources online and gather the needed information. You have to know how the hydrogen fuel car works so that you can appreciate it even more.

Hydrogen Fuel: Convert Your Vehicle Now

Water fuel, hydrogen fuel, whatever you may want to call it – it all pertains to one thing. Many years ago, people would have been reluctant in using the hydrogen technology but now, it is gaining popularity all over the world particularly in rich countries like the US, Europe, and Canada. If you want to use hydrogen fuel, convert your vehicle now.

The Earth is made up of 75% water and that you learned in your elementary days. With this fact, scientists conducted various studies to prove that water can be a source of fuel energy. Unfortunately, water alone can’t be used to power a vehicle. What you need is a conversion tool and an HHO generator. Still, water is an integral part in hydrogen technology.

One of the greatest scientists who studied about the viability of water as source of alternative fuel is Nikola Tesla. Although he had made a lot of discoveries, all his studies were not revealed to the public. Most of Tesla’s inventions were ‘futuristic’ and ordinary individuals can’t understand them.

Hydrogen technology is not new and it has been in existence for many years now. Recently, hydrogen powered cars are gaining much popularity. This knowledge brought tension in the market because gas-producing companies will be terribly affected if more hydrogen powered vehicles are manufactured.

On the other hand, the invention of hydrogen powered vehicles has brought much attention to the problems here on Earth like pollution and global warming.

At present, thousands of converted cars are now using ‘water’ to fuel their vehicles. But of course, you need to convert first your car before you can make use of water to power your car. Will you believe that you can increase mileage from 75-100%? That sounds unbelievable, right? But the facts prove it; in fact, if you try to check online customer testimonials and product reviews, you will read positive testimonials about hydrogen fuel.

Perhaps you’ve also seen TV interviews about satisfied car owners who are already using hydrogen technology. If you’re a car owner and your head hurts badly because of the expensive cost of gasoline, convert your car now. You don’t have to take the car to a mechanic because you can either do the conversion on your own or purchase a ready-made HHO generator and conversion tool.

The latter is a bit expensive because it can cost about $800. But once the hydrogen fuel cell technology is installed in your car, you can enjoy many years of driving with reduced gasoline expenditures. Aside from saving massive money, your car will function at its best. It will make your car less noisy and the gears can be shifted smoothly. You will surely enjoy traveling without worries.

So, do you want to be a happy and contented driver too? Use hydrogen fuel, covert your vehicle now. This is a very important decision that you have to make. Anyway, if ever you’re not satisfied with the performance of the hydrogen technology, you can readily remove it from your car. You can again use gasoline to power your vehicle.

Since a great percentage of car owners who converted to hydrogen fuel are happy, then maybe you might find it cost-effective as well. So far, this is the best alternative source of fuel energy for cars. Join the happy drivers, earn savings, and save the planet.       

The environment definitely need help nowadays and the hydrogen fuel cars might be of great assistance.

Now you know what hydrogen fuel cells are all about. The fuel cells are not mainly used for providing electricity because currently the automakers are trying to manufacturer cars that are fueled by hydrogen.

Now that you know the very important things about hydrogen fuel systems, don’t you think that its time for you to try it out? You don’t have to buy a new car because your existing car will do. You simply need to purchase a HHO car kit or buy a ready-made hydrogen fuel system.If you want to keep abreast with the developments of hydrogen fuel cells, log on to the internet and you will always be kept up to date. It is always good to be well-informed. Start shopping for it now.

Steve Cownley

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Car Tax Benefit

Every year, we have the burden of paying different kinds of taxes. The most popular kinds are income tax and car tax. For the income tax, we understand why the government asks for that amount, which is allotted for government funds. But car tax has its own reason for being there, although not many really know the reason why.

Actually, there is one car tax benefit that you should know about. That way, you won’t feel so burdened by the expenses and you can understand why this has to happen. In UK, the amount of car tax depends on the amount of carbon dioxide emission your car has. So, the more pollution it lets out, the higher price you have to pay.

The benefit here is that this will encourage people to buy fuel efficient cars. This will reduce the harmful pollution our environment has to endure every day. Imagine emitting tons and tons of carbon dioxide each day, just because the cars people use are the wrong kinds for the environment. There are hybrid cars currently available, which are much more environment-friendly since it doesn’t emit as much CO2. There are also electric cars. These are cars which run on electricity, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on fuel. People need only choose these types, and they can enjoy lower car tax and help the environment towards a brighter future.

You should know how big an impact car pollution has on the environment. In UK, 13% of the total greenhouse emission comes from personal car travel. If you think factories are the only ones dirtying our surroundings, think again.

Basically, the best benefit car tax has is to the environment. This could have a domino effect on us. Because of the car tax rates, people would unlikely buy cars which emit lots of CO2. In effect, the air we breathe is cleaner and fresher, which can then help us be healthier. So if you think about it, the car tax benefit is for all of us, and not simply for car owners or the government.

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